I OPPOSE spending one more tax dollar on the High Speed Rail Boondoggle


Hello and welcome to the website for my Assembly campaign.

As Mayor and Councilman, I’ve worked hard to protect taxpayers, reform public employee pensions, end wasteful spending and maintain the quality of life we enjoy in our special part of Orange County.

Among my accomplishment are:

  • A Fiscal Plan that generated a surplus every year during the recession, including a $12.7 million surplus in 2013.
  • A city charter prohibition against using eminent domain to take private property for private economic development purposes. Passed overwhelmingly.
  • A city charter to stop the city from being able to raise property taxes without a vote for pension costs. This plugged a Prop 13 loophole in Newport Beach. Passed with 60+% of the vote.
  • An amendment to prohibit the use of red light cameras. This passed with nearly 60% of the vote.
  • The reduction of the city workforce by nearly 100 positions and contracting out several public services at substantial cost savings.

With your support, I will take that same fiscally conservative approach to the State Assembly and work to reform our state government. Please check out my endorsement page to see who supports my campaign. I’d be honored to add your name to my list. Just click on the SUPPORT KEITH button on the right.

Thanks for visiting, and please check back again soon.